Intelligent solutions to solve Engineering Management Problems by using Operational Research Tools

Guest Editor
Dr. Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq


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The need for operations research (OR) tools and techniques is manifested in its ability to
balance conflicting objectives (goals or interests) where there are many alternative courses
of action available to the decision-makers when resources, time, and funds are limited.
Therefore, beyond the domain of theoretical knowledge and model building activities, OR is
having all pervasive applications in decision making about the problems in sustainable
engineering, sustainable society, and business. OR tools and techniques find applications
in all aspects of sustainability operations, like sustainable supply chain planning, sustainable
distribution, sustainable traffic flow optimization, industrial waste reduction, energy
conservation, sustainable city planning, etc. Over the years, applications of OR have been
extended to solve the problems of communication of information and socio-economic fields.
In this context, the academic community needs to take the lead in the design, development,
and demonstration of sustainable operational research models, endowed and supported by
Engineering is the application of scientific principles for practical objectives such as the
processes, manufacture, design, and operation of products, while accounting for constraints
invoked by sustainable factors. There are various factors that need to be considered in order
to address engineering sustainability, which is critical for the overall sustainability of human
development and activity.
 Environmental sustainability in engineering processes
 Uncertainty and mathematical programming for sustainable engineering
 Hybrid decision analysis for sustainable engineering
 OR tools in sustainable logistics scheduling
 Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) optimization in sustainable engineering
 Network optimization
 Risk analysis/modeling for sustainable engineering
 Management Science and Operations Research
 Innovative applications of OR tools