Evaluation of criteria for sustainable supplier selection using FUCOM method

  • Elmina Durmić University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keywords: sustainable supplier selection, FUCOM, evaluation of criteria, decision-making


The selection of sustainable supplier has a strategic significance and represents critical phase for whole sustainable supply chain.From this activity depend on the process of functioning of the supply chain. The aim of this paper is defining the most important criteria for assessment and selection of sustainable supplier in the company for the production of lime. For decision-making of this process expert’s team for comparison and assessment of the criteria grouped in two levels has formed. In the first level are economic, social and environmental criteria which consist of seven sub-criteria for each main group. For determining significance of criteria Full Consistency method (FUCOM) has applied. Obtained results show the significance of criteria on both levels of decision-making for sustainable supplier selection. Adequate supplier selection using sustainable criteria ensuring the possibility for timely and quality production. This provides a growing of competition in the market for companies.


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