Application of the AHP-VIKOR hybrid model in media selection for informing of endangered in emergency situations

  • Nenad Komazec University of Defence, Military academy, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Petrović University of Defence, Military academy, Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: media, emergency situations, AHP method, VIKOR method


A distribution of information in emergency situations represents a serious challenge for expert services which are being engaged in protection and rescue. The number of people who need help in emergency situations is rather large and the number of those who can really be helped depends on their availability to the expert services. A large number of people, especially endangered groups, can be saved with the help of timely and qualitative information. In conditions determined with a lack of time, emergency situation staff has to make a decision regarding population informing about incoming danger. In the paper, a hybrid model based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and multi-criteria compromise ranking (VIKOR) is presented, applied through selection of best medium for population informing in emergency situations The AHP method is used for determination of criteria weight coefficients, while the VIKOR method is applied in order to be found the best media by selection amongst numerous concrete options – alternatives.


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