The Selection of the Logistics Distribution Center Location Based on MCDM Methodology in Southern and Eastern Region in Serbia

  • Jelena Mihajlović The Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at the University in Niš, Serbia
  • Predrag Rajković The Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at the University in Niš, Serbia
  • Goran Petrović The Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at the University in Niš, Serbia
  • Dušan Ćirić The Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at the University in Niš, Serbia
Keywords: location selection problem, logistics distribution center, MCDM, AHP, WASPAS


Location selection for the logistics distribution center is often one of the most critical elements in a supply chain’s management success. Decision making in location selection domain is a complex process due to the fact that a wide range of diverse criteria, stakeholders and possible solutions are embedded into this process. This paper focuses on the application of some multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) approaches for the logistics distribution fruit center location selection in the Southern and Eastern Serbia region. An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and a Weighted Aggregated Sum-Product Assessment (WASPAS) have been implemented in this process for evaluation and location selection.


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