Evaluation and selection of Manufacturer PVC carpentry using FUCOM-MABAC model

  • Zdravko Nunić University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keywords: PVC manufacturer, FUCOM, MABAC, weights of criteria


Solving real-life problems using multi-criteria decision-making methods has become everyday. These methods represent a very useful tool and support for decision-making in all areas. In this paper is performed evaluation and selection of the manufacturers PVC carpentry  using a combined multi-criteria model. Five potential manufacturers were evaluated on the basis of the seven criteria. For determination of the weights of the criteria, FUCOM (FUll COnsistency Method) was used, while the Multi-Attributive Border Approximation Area Comparison (MABAC) method was used to evaluate and select the PVC manufacturer. The results show that the third alternative is the most suitable solution, as demonstrated by the sensitivity analysis. Four other methods were used in the sensitivity analysis: ARAS (Additive Ratio Assessment), WASPAS (Weighted Aggregated Sum Product Assessment), EDAS (Evaluation based on Distance from Average Solution), and SAW (Simple Additive Weighting). The obtained results using all methods show the complete correlation of ranks obtained using the MABAC method.


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