Application of FUCA Method for Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Mechanical Machining Processes

  • Duc Trung Do Hanoi University of Industry, Vietnam
Keywords: MCDM, FUCA method, Mechanical machining


Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) is a very useful tool to find the best solution among many solutions. For most MCDM methods, the data must be normalized. However, the data normalization method has a significant influence on the results of ranking solutions. Choosing the right data normalization method is sometimes complicated. In many MCDM methods, FUCA is known as the method without using normalize the data. However, the FUCA method has a small limitation. All publications that were applied this method have not mentioned this limitation. In this study, this limitation was overcome and then used for multi-criteria decision making in some cases in the mechanical processing field. The ranked results of the solutions when determined by the FUCA method are compared with those ones when using other MCDM methods. The sensitivity analysis was also performed. The results show that the FUCA method can be used for multi-criteria decision making in mechanical machining. It is also expected to be successful when applying in other fields. The works in the future were mentioned in the last section of this article as well.


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