Evaluation software of project management by using measurement of alternatives and ranking according to compromise solution (MARCOS) method

  • Adis Puška Institute for Scientific Research and Development Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ilija Stojanović Al Ghurair University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Aleksandar Maksimović Institute for Scientific Research and Development Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Nasiha Osmanović Al Ghurair University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Keywords: Project management, software, United Arab Emirates, MARCOS method


Every organization needs to invest in order for it to grow, and investments are made through projects. Thus, investment management is performed by applying project management techniques. Different project management software programs are used to manage multiple projects. There is a lot of project management software on the market, and four pieces of the software were selected and analyzed. In this paper, the best management software rated by the beneficiaries of these projects in the United Arab Emirates are explored. The research required for this study was conducted in the United Arab Emirates. The MARCOS method was used to evaluate the program. The results showed that Smartsheet had been rated the best by users. This paper provides an overview of how multicriteria analysis methods can be used when ranking project management programs.


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