LBWA – Z-MAIRCA model supporting decision making in the army

  • Darko Božanić University of Defence in Belgrade, Military Academy, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dragiša Jurišić Security Research Centre, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Dražan Erkić Police department Zvornik, Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keywords: LBWA, MAIRCA, Z-number, fuzzy number, MCDM


The paper presents a hybrid model LBWA – Z-MAIRCA used to support decision making in the selection of a location of a camp (camp space), which has a role of providing individuals and army units with regular life and operation conditions in the field, i.e. in the conditions outside the barracks. The paper defines and explains the criteria affecting the selection of a camp (camp space), and the LBWA method is used to define the weight coefficients of the criteria. Using the MAIRCA method, which is modified with Z-numbers, it is selected the best alternative. In the final phase of the model development, the sensitivity analysis is performed and the results obtained by the developed model are compared with the results obtained by applying other methods and their various modifications.


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