A systematic review and analysis of risk assessment in highway construction project

  • Ismail Nur Ariyanto Civil Engineering Department, Mercu Buana University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Humiras Hardi Purba Industrial Engineering Department, Mercu Buana University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Aleksander Purba Civil Engineering Department, Lampung University, Lampung, Indonesia
Keywords: Risk, Highway Project, Road, Construction, Pavement


Before planning and managing risks to reduce the causes of severe risks associated with road construction, it is very important to conduct an evaluation first. Aspects related to risk are convoluted in several steps from design to planning to project fulfillment. This research aims to implement a complete risk management process for highway construction projects. Through this process, there will be a list of risks in the highway construction project (risk identification) and the definition of the most significant risk through the application of the evaluation process (applying risk analysis and valuation). To successfully improve the performance of road projects, it is necessary to identify and assess various risk factors in a project for efficient project fulfillment. The research method begins by reviewing at least 50 articles to find a list of the main risk factors that might be encountered during highway construction. This analysis involves the identification, classification, and assessment of various risks involved in the construction of a highway project.


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