Selection of fire position of mortar units using LBWA and Fuzzy MABAC model

  • Željko Jokić Military Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Darko Božanić Military Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dragan Pamučar Military Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: LBWA, MABAC, fuzzy numbers, mortar units, firing position


The paper presents a hybrid model based on the LBWA method and the fuzzy MABAC method, applied when selecting firing positions' locations of the Serbian Army's mortar units. Using a questionnaire, the experts determined the criteria for choosing the firing position. The LBWA method is used to determine the weighting coefficients of the criteria, while the fuzzy MABAC method is used to determine the most favorable location of the firing position by choosing between six specific options - alternatives. By changing the value of the elasticity coefficients, the sensitivity analysis of the developed model was performed, and by applying the Spearman coefficient, it was determined that there is an ideal positive correlation of ranks.


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